Swift repairs

The devil’s in the details, and small repairs also have an impact just as much as large renovations. It’s all about fixing things that might seem trivial, but really are not. Mend the spots of peeled paint, fix loose roofing (and loose door handles while you’re on that), make an inventory on what needs a little maintenance.

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Organization is quite an attractive quality. For making a quick cleaning, you can pack away whatever items make the rooms seem too small or crowded. (Just don’t put them in the closets, buyers check out those for seeing how much storage space they will have for themselves.)

And a small piece of advice: when you have possible buyers over examining your house, put away the family photos and personal belongings. It’s not exactly “cleaning”, but those are way too private objects, it might make people to have a hard time imagining themselves living on the same spot where another person lived all those moments.

The selling strategy

You can always hire a real estate agent, but there are some benefits to sell your own house by FSBO (For Sale By Owner.) You could save yourself the commission, but you’ll have to educate yourself on the subject of negotiating. And the paperwork! Prepare yourself for the paperwork; and talk to your attorney to make sure all forms are filled out properly.

Of course, if you hire an agent, they will be the ones to deal with all of this, but they’ll charge 3% commission for their services.


You know what houses sell quickly? Open houses!

This kind of showings are the easiest way to get many buyer options, and for them to take a look at your property and decide what makes it worth its price.  

As well, some people just prefer private showings, especially if they have never seen your house before or have only attended on a few occasions and want to take a closer look.

Listing descriptions

Once you have chosen a price, you’ll want to create a listing description to describe your property and neighborhood’s best features and qualities, and include the due date for offers to be submitted. You can hire a professional photographer for taking a few nice pictures to add to the description.


Everybody knows that one thing that dictates how fast a product will sell is the price. Overpricing is never the right path to take; in fact, it may even be a good idea for you to price the house lower than other homes in the area to pick up the buyers’ interest. And also, set a date for you to lower the price if you haven’t received any offers by then. Decide the new discount based on the feedback you get from the home showings.

Stage and curb appeal

Staging is a common policy in real estate sales for defining rooms and making them appear larger, but while it deals with the inside of the house, the curb appeal handles the outside for the seller to have the best of the first impressions for your house’s exterior. You can hire professionals to perform either of those two tasks; consider it a minimalistic home makeover.

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