Which home improvements add the most value?

Essential Updates

Believe it or not, small details like fresh paint actually are very attractive for the buyers. People wants healthy, safe houses that have been kept with a consistent routine maintenance, without pieces of rotting woods around and stuff. It’s all matter of making your home harmonic and comfortable. 

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What sells houses quickly?

Swift repairs

The devil’s in the details, and small repairs also have an impact just as much as large renovations. It’s all about fixing things that might seem trivial, but really are not. Mend the spots of peeled paint, fix loose roofing (and loose door handles while you’re on that), make an inventory on what needs a little maintenance.

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White modern farmhouse interior

Modern Farmhouse Decorating Style

Decorating is an art, and whoever says otherwise simply doesn’t know how to do it properly.

It’s not completely their fault, as it is not an easy skill to master, and the different styles of décor take time to study and then apply. Luckily for everyone, nowadays you can get some inspiration through Pinterest boards or crafted aesthetics in social media, and a fan favorite is the modern farmhouse décor, one that embraces comfort, naturalness, and imperfections. …

Updating your backsplash

How to Redo Your Backsplash

House remodeling is a source of joy and stress for many people. Whether it is for the cost of the repairs or for redistributing the décor, one always has to scratch their heads looking for the most practical and durable solution, especially if the change is for covering up former damages or deteriorations.…

Wood flooring

When Should You Upgrade Your Flooring?

Upgrading your flooring

The flooring in your house doesn’t have it easy.  They are the ones that have dirty shoes walking over them all day, people dripping things, moving furniture, and pets scratching them with their claws.  With all of these, it’s understandable that there comes a time when they need to be replaced. But the question is how long they can endure before that replacement time arrives.…