Trendy colors

Repainting is a difficult job; it takes time, energy, and money. It needs to be taken seriously. Sponsored By: Plano, Texas Fence, Pergola, and Garage Door Staining.

Do not waste budget in paint and brushes every time a new color becomes a trend. The thing about trends, they change pretty quickly, and making an expense like this so dependent on such inconsistent topic is what we call a bad move. When it comes to painting, go for the safe neutral colors to not have to address the issue anymore. Even if they’re not your personal favorites, at least you haven’t hear anyone complain about them yet.

Besides, the new homeowners will probably put whatever new color they want anyways.

Partial fixes

Old and new are opposites for a reason, they don’t exactly fit well together.

Imagine that you had old wood doors with brand new, shiny metallic handles; or that you had a kitchen filled with old cabinets and new lights.

It doesn’t makes up to a very appealing picture, does it? Nor a modern, or even remotely well thought-out one. (Who could possibly want to see new bulbs illuminating dusty cabinets?)

If something needs urgent remodeling, remodel it completely, not only the small piece that needs a bit more oil or a good cleaning. If urgent and total remodeling is not necessary, don’t trouble yourself “fixing” it.

Breaking the neighborhood’s norms

Or more like “fashion”.


Just aim for the house to match the others in your community. Red roofing and white picket fences there are? Then red roofing and white picket fences it is!

Buyers will want a property that seems belonging to the surroundings where they are relocating themselves; if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have chosen that area in the first place. With this in mind, don’t try to make your house stand out from the crowd with outrageous décor or unnecessary accessories in your garden. If anything, discuss with your neighbors their remodeling plans to make the different properties to look harmonic with one another; and check out if your community has any specific guidelines or rules about remodeling. Maybe there’s a limit for the length of the trees, or restrictions about adding features like water fountains or sculptures to the yard.

And also, make sure that you’re not disturbing the neighbors with the possible reparations. Some procedures and equipment are quire noisy and if someone complains, it could put into risk the reputation of your property. (No buyer is going to purchase something with bad references.)

Unessential inconveniences

There are certain misfortunes that, while they do look your house look a little worn-out, they don’t interfere with the function of it, neither do they make it an unsafe space for others to inhabit. A spot of peeled off paint is not really the end of the world, it’s just a rather minor inconvenience that makes the cosmetic appearance of your house to look less than ideal. Granted, it is necessary to correct it and apply some fresh paint, but it shouldn’t be top at your list of priorities.

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