Apparently, Goldilocks wasn’t the only picky one that said “too much this or that” her first time house hunting. Size is an important factor and one of the first ones the new buyers consider before making a purchase.

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Not all homes attract the same type of buyers, some people are looking for a studio apartment more than a house, while others are trying to fit their numerous family into just one place. Some people will require more rooms in their new property and hence they will reject the ones that don’t meet their necessities.

As well, the property’s design is another significant aspect, for buyers prefer open spaces rather than closed ones.

Age and condition

I know it is nostalgia inducing, but homes age too. And it’s something the buyers take into account at the moment of their purchase.

Antique houses get their charm from the décor and the atmosphere, not from the rusty joists and dusty corners; a property that just looks poorly kept and haunted-like will just send the buyers away. A house should never reflect how old it really is.

Whenever a house reaches at least 15 years of age, it’s better to do some remodeling before putting it up to sale.


I know it sounds weird, but some houses just have that air… that feeling… that makes people feel drawn to them. Maybe it’s just the design. Or maybe it is the décor. Or maybe it is the familiar neighborhood, the architecture, the landscape. Whatever it is, buyers dig it. Learn more about charm.

Too much renovation

Unbelievable, am I right? When it isn’t for the lack of remodeling, it is for too much remodeling. Try to aim for a middle point. Just try make the house be comfy, nice to the view, clean, and to have that human touch that makes visitors feel welcome. Make it a reflection of your personality; even if the new owners decide to renovate by themselves, they will have your decoration references and the consolation that they didn’t buy an empty shell.

Not accounting for taste and all, but you have to admit that some unnecessary remodeling makes the house seem messy rather than modern or fancy. The rooms should match one another, not look like there are nine different people with a strange preference for neon paint living in each of them.

Besides, maybe your new buyers simply don’t have much enthusiasm over decorating and are simply looking for a house with nice furniture and neutral colors where they feel comfortable enough. Sci-fi kitchens are cool, but not necessarily “home, sweet home” material. Same goes for sunrooms and other features. Familiar homes don’t precise those, and people with small kids won’t see those as appropriate space to raise their children. Give some original and unique touches here and there, but don’t go crazy trying for your house to look like 5 different home décor catalogs. Keep in mind, there are times when less is more.

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