Decorating is an art, and whoever says otherwise simply doesn’t know how to do it properly.

It’s not completely their fault, as it is not an easy skill to master, and the different styles of décor take time to study and then apply. Luckily for everyone, nowadays you can get some inspiration through Pinterest boards or crafted aesthetics in social media, and a fan favorite is the modern farmhouse décor, one that embraces comfort, naturalness, and imperfections. 

Modern farmhouse interiors are all about soft, soothing vibes; think about it as a piece of the city in the middle of the countryside. A few plants here, a little sunlight there, minimalism but with a few artsy extras. Organic and natural materials are the basis of it all. Go for good illumination with matte surfaces and low-shine supplies.

Plant and vase

Remember, modesty. Decorating is fun, but not everything that shines is gold. You won’t even need gold for complementing this style! Look for every item – even the smallest ones – to have a purpose, obviously for the benefit of enhancing the appearance of your house. 

Is it for covering a space that disharmonizes with the rest of the furniture?  

The goal is for the final picture to seem crafted with less effort as possible while making it pleasant to the eyes. 

And now that we are talking about pleasantness to the eyes, colors are important for accomplishing that; stick to neutrals. And especially white if you’re looking for the space to appear bigger. You can bring such color hues with natural wood finishes or linen ones, and also keep in mind what I said about low-shine stuff. Don’t bring plastic to the mix, or anything that might reflect too much light or look unnatural compared to the rest of the surroundings for that matter.

White brick wall and wood floor

Since modernity is a significant part of this décor style, look for items that are unique and stylish, like oversized pendant lights or more rustic chandeliers, for aiming at that city/countryside mix that I was mentioning. 

Apply soft lighting, enough for the room to be illuminated but not to reach the unnaturalness that we are trying so hard to avoid. 

Tell you this, test it with a book! Set the bulbs at an intensity level that allows you to read the text easily without blinding you. Leave the switch alone once you reach it.

As modern farmhouse interior styling demands for a fusion of ages and a contrast of contemporary austereness and just the tiniest little bit of country, move towards this style by presenting and honoring only one of their kind decorative items that are crooked and… well… imperfect, to some extent, so they’ll have the function to provide some character and appeal to even the most humble of the rooms.  

Sliding barn door

And since we’re talking about fusions, modern farmhouse décor is all about contrasts. Don’t be afraid to put old and new in the same room so that it reminds of a trimmed down, easygoing fashion, and discreet extravagance.