House remodeling is a source of joy and stress for many people. Whether it is for the cost of the repairs or for redistributing the décor, one always has to scratch their heads looking for the most practical and durable solution, especially if the change is for covering up former damages or deteriorations.

It’s not a secret that the kitchen is one of the house’s rooms that needs constant maintenance and fixing. With all the water from the dishwasher and the smell of food damaging and dirtying the ceramics and the walls, there usually are some minor faults to cover to restore your beloved kitchen to its original glory. In this case, let’s talk a little about backsplash. If you’re currently looking towards redoing it, then follow these tips and advice.

DIY Backsplash 

DIY projects are fun, practical and if you’re lucky enough, then also inexpensive enough. If you’re looking for the easiest way to cover a tile backsplash, then check out tile stickers or decals – the ones specifically made to cover tile – they are easy to apply and look esthetically pleasant.

Or you can also do a backsplash wooden project over existing tile, but if that’s your choice, then you will have to make some reforms. Use liquid pins, and pay close attention to the positioning to see if your tile and grout lines show through. If they do, just make the spaces tinier, or fully exclude them.

Another option is laminate. It requires some of the same reformations as the wood, like the appliance of liquid nails over existing tiles, but you could also use nails once you reached a height above your existing backsplash. The best thing about this project is that the walls will just wipe clean, thanks to the laminate finish. 

Kitchen backsplash with design

If you ask me, the option with the most benefits for you is the metal backsplash project, since it will hide tile and grout lines from the old backsplash and can be held pretty effortlessly with liquid nails or some other kind of bonding agent. Tin was once a very luxurious building material, but now some substitutes will give you the pristine look without the high price. 

Painted Tile Backsplash

If you have a boring old backsplash that you want to cover, think about updating it with good old’ paint. Paint is one of the cheapest decking materials you can use to redo a backsplash, and it is a great alternative for those that have that short type of backsplash which is just an extension of our countertop. 

Kitchen backsplash

If you already have a tile backsplash that is in good shape, and you just don’t like the color or pattern, then go ahead paint.

Glass Backsplash 

One more conventional modern backsplash material is glass. Fine-looking and stress-free at the moment of cleaning, and besides inserting color makes it sparkle. Bear in mind you have to fix it with the appropriate bonding agent made for the materials you’re using.